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Bluetooth Question

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Posté 21 avril 2012 - 11:17

Hello :)

i'm using several bluetooth devices for audio transmission purposes :
- Sources : ipad, iphone, friends phones, laptop
- receivers : bose wireless speaker, marmitek receiver plugged on the jack

Everything works fine but the problem is when i want to send music from a source to a receiver, if another device is already "connecter" to the receiver, i have to first disconnect the source from the receiver to be able to use it

THus, my question is : does the bluetooth protocol allows a device to "steal" connexion from another one ? I read the A2DP specifications and i didn't found anything about that, however, it's for me a basic requirement to properly use bluetooth as a multiroom solution

Any thoughts ?

Thanks in advance for your answer :)
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Posté 14 juin 2012 - 10:04

With some tests I've done with wireless headphones from PC or Mac computers and phones, a bluetooth source cannot be switched so easily from receiver to receiver : you need to both remove the Bluetooth link in the source and the receiver, or either the source or the receiver won't be able to use Bluetooth.

In some cases I had the Bluetooth working with two receivers for my Philips SHB9001 headphone, but I saw it was bi-channel. Anyway I haven't been capable to find the proper manipulation to switch between the two Bluetooth channels. Maybe you need to ask the manufacturer of the devices to see if they can be used like you want.

Another solution is to centralise your multiroom solution : use one Bluetooth multi-channel receiver to catch bluetooth and to broadcast the signal to other receivers. It can be done with some A/V receivers (if you add bluetooth receiver add-on), but it's an expensive solution.
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